Watch: Full story of Gangs control Bilibid prison in Manila with the blessing of Leila De Lima

Ex-Mafia insider Lou Ferrente reveals the untold secrets of the world’s hidden leaders: gangsters – whose international reach and power has grown to epic levels.  Having served almost 10 years in maximum security prisons across the USA, Lou uses his insider knowledge to dig deep into the epicentre of gang culture and organised crime, exploring their control on the world’s most dangerous streets and inside the worlds’ most notorious prisons.

Lou arrives in Manila, capital of the Philippines, to visit Bilibid, the world’s largest prison, and to infiltrate the powerful and much feared Commandos gang. Street gangs and prison gangs are separate in the Philippines, but one rule is clear: outsider access is forbidden. While there, Lou witnesses a ruthless initiation and learns that there is a dangerous gang war emerging both within and outside the walls of the penitentiary.

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As you can see, The leader of the Commando’s Jaybee Sebastian is rubbing elbows with Leila De Lima and the President of the Philippines (PNOY). This is why he is very influential inside the prison where rules with an iron fist. He is one of the biggest druglords inside the Maximum Security Prison Bilibid.


In response to this, Rodrigo Duterte stated that Leila De Lima would be investigated immediately

Link: Duterte to De Lima: I will investigate you for shabu in Bilibid

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