Cayetano reveals proposed P50,000/month minimum police salary

by Yas D. Ocampo of Manila Bulletin – Source Link

DAVAO CITY – The administration of incoming President Rodrigo R. Duterte is studying a proposal to increase the salaries of police to a minimum P50,000 per month.

At a Sunday gathering of alumni from the Philippine National Police Academy, Senator Alan Peter Cayetano revealed that he submitted to Duterte and incoming police chief Ronald dela Rosa the three options on how to increase the police salaries.

For the first year, the salary hike would require funding of about P70 billion, with P50 billion going to the increase in salaries and the remaining P20 billion to go to the retirement fund.

“For an additional P50 billion, we can give a minimum of P50,000 graduated pataas,” Cayetano said. “It’s very doable.”

At the moment, the lowest ranking police, Cayetano said, receives around P15,000.

Cayetano said that the plan would require the support of both houses of Congress.

“We have the money,” he said, adding that if Congress agrees, the increase in salaries would be distributed before Christmas this year.

In the case of the military, Cayetano said the administration was already working on their calculations for the salary increase.

While others push for an increase in the salaries of all government employees, Cayetano said that the current focus was on the salary increase of police personnel and the military.

The P50,000 would either include basic pay as well as allowance, factored in for income tax.

This is based on a cost of living in Metro Manila estimated to be around P30,000, according to the senator.

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