Watch: Cops shoot rookie policeman high on drugs

A shot was heard from inside the Manila Police district headquarters on UN Avenue shortly past 3pm Sunday, and initial radio reports said two policemen had run amuck for still unclear reasons. The MPD promptly went on lockdown mode, but in just 15 minutes, officers had seized a uniformed cop identified as PO1 Solares.

a second shot was heard from inside, and several policemen were seen with guns drawn at the ready near the entrance to the headquarters.

Several plastic bottles of water were being thrown down the stairs from the second floor, even as police from the homicide division and SWAT unit were trying to gain access to the area.

Watch here:

All the while, a man’s voice was heard shouting and a reporter on the scene said it apparently belonged to one of the policeman who had become violent.

As of 3:24 pm, police from SWAT snatched a man wearing a cop’s uniform. Another man in civilian clothes wearing a brown jacket was not taken in, as it appeared he was not with the cop gone amuck, according to a live radio report.

Identification showed the uniformed cop was PO1 Vincent Paul Bulacan Solares, with station assignment unclear.  He fired two shots from the second floor, which houses the office of the MPD district director. He looked very angry.

Probers said they initially got an alert that a man in uniform was “running wild” at Puregold Tayuman branch and were checking if that was Solares, too.

Initial investigation said there were no casualties among any of the policemen who apprehended the suspects.

Even while he was in handcuffs under police custody, surrounded by several officers as he sat, Solares looked very cool, “nagkukuyakoy [swinging his legs casually],” leading officials to suspect he may be under the influence of drugs.

MPD chief orders tests done, calls unit heads

The MPD’s new district director, Senior Supt. Joel Coronel, called the heads of various precincts where Solares served, to ascertain his work background and personality, according to a follow-up report by DZBB’s Manny Vargas.

Coronel also ordered MPD probers to conduct an examination on Solares to determine if he was drunk or high on drugs when he went wild.

Probers are eyeing, meanwhile, another angle: Solares may have a serious personal problem; or a psychiatric problem.

Solares’ stunt caught MPD police by surprise because those who saw him enter the HQ said he was smiling, looked nice, and even greeted cops on duty at the reception area.

At the second floor, however, he went wild, breaking glass on the rows of photo frames on display. He then took out and partly tore photos of Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada — whom he reportedly wanted to kill — and of three former MPD chiefs.

He was holding on to these photos when SWAT cornered him.

One shell of the shots fired by Solares has been recovered, with the bullet hitting the ceiling of the second floor, near the multipurpose center.

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