Look: Woman shot dead inside jeepney in Makati, another wounded

Female passenger Lauren Kristel Rosales was dead on the spot after an unidentified gunman shot her while aboard a jeepney traveling the Delpan-Ibabaw Guadalupe route in Makati City on Thursday morning.

The crime transpired on J.P. Rizal cor. Reposo streets in Makati City, according to a report by Super Rady dzBB’s Sam Nielsen.

According to Michael Tan, the driver of the public utility vehicle, he started picking up passengers in Delpan, Makati, and upon reaching the corner of J.P. Rizal and Reposo streets, a male passenger got off and started shooting.

Aside from Rosales, another female passenger was rushed to the hospital after being hit by a stray bullet from the three shots fired by the suspect.

Other passengers of the jeepney ran in panic while the still unidentified suspect, who seemed to have committed the crime without an accomplice, walked off the scene of the crime.

While the motive behind the killing remains unclear, authorities have ruled out robbery or hold-up as none of the victim’s possessions were taken.

The incident has also not been linked to the rampant killings of drug suspects.

“Hindi raw pagdududahan ang babae dahil maayos ang suot. Naka-business attire at pormang papasok sa trabaho,” Nielsen reported.

Authorities believe that Rosales has been targeted by the suspect, because no other civilians were intentionally attacked during the shooting.

Makati City officials continue to gather evidence relating to the crime, including CCTV footage which will aid in identifying the male suspect.



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