Watch: Maria Ozawa gets into a car accident in the streets of manila

Car accidents suck for both parties involved. But what if I told you that one of the guilty parties in the other vehicle included, for the lack of a better term, a very popular porn star? this Manila motorist found himself in such an unfortunate (…or fortunate) predicament when a tour bus collided with his car on a very busy street in Manila. When he got out of his car to confront the guilty party, he got the shock of his life to come face-to-face with Japanese expatriate and arguably the most famous porn star known in the Philippines (and the rest of Asia,) Maria Ozawa.

Fortunately for the rest of the internet community, we all caught a glimpse at the exchange of words between the two. You can’t deny the fact that this particular motorist ( who should’ve been angry) was grinning ear to ear during the entire meetup. Check out that video below.

And if you don’t know who Maria Ozawa is, we’ll leave some of her more popular photos on social media down below. It’s clearly evident to see why she has so many fans.

Watch Here:


Any person responsible for a car crash should be prosecuted according to the rules of the road set out by the governing powers that be. We later found out that instead of seeking any type of monetary relief and justice, a couple of selfies sufficed.

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