Witness Story of the Quaipo Road Rage incident – What really happened?

“Pare, saglit (Buddy, wait).”

These were the last words heard from Mark Vincent Garalde, the biker encountered by Vhon Martin Tanto in a road altercation in Quiapo, Manila, on Monday night.

Getting off from his red Hyundai Eon, Tanto replied by shooting Garalde twice in the face at close range, then pulling the trigger two more times after the victim fell to the ground.

This was how a witness, Bryan Yu, recalled the encounter between the two men who traded punches and “nothing but angry words” before Tanto finished the fight with his pistol.

According to Yu, he first spotted the two men on Arlegui Street with Tanto chasing Garalde before cutting him off on Casal Street. He said both were fuming mad (“gigil na gigil”) as they had an exchange, which prompted Tanto to get off his car.

Then the two-minute fistfight ensued. Other witnesses who refused to be identified said onlookers cheered as the two men fought, with some saying they did not intervene because both men were obviously “parehong matapang” or spoiling for a fight.

Tanto appeared to have suffered the worst beating, based on the footage taken by a security camera in the area. He stepped back and returned to his car while Garalde walked back to his bike.

Yu said the spectators thought it was over—but Garalde stuck his head inside the vehicle and said something to Tanto.

He added that Garalde was again walking away when he looked back and yelled at Tanto, “You son of a b—h! What do you want, come here!”

Tanto responded, Yu said, by again getting out of his car—this time with a gun—and saying: “What now?”

The case investigator, SPO2 Charles Duran of the Manila Police District (MPD) homicide division, said a woman was in the car with Tanto that night. She remained unidentified “but definitely she’s not the wife,” Duran said.

Bystanders said the woman shouted at Tanto, telling him not to shoot Garalde.

You can watc the video of the fight here:

Link: Watch: Bike rider, pinatay ng nakaalitang motorista. Road rage in Quiapo manila

By: Aie Balagtas See, Kristine Felisse Mangunay – Source Link

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