Watch: Road Rage of Tricycle driver in Sto. Tomas Batangas

Road rage according to Merriam-Webster is defined as a motorist’s uncontrolled anger that is usually provoked by another motorist’s irritating act and is expressed in aggressive or violent behavior.

The video below is not a perfect demonstration of ‘road rage’ as defined by Merriam-Webster.

Based on the narrative of the concerned citizen, the trike hit the side mirror of their vehicle on the passenger’s side as the trike driver cut them from the left side.

The alleged side-swiping of the side mirror is not shown on the dashcam video.

However, the trike immediately stopped in the middle of the road. A few seconds later, the vehicle following him gave him a slight nudge from behind.

The trike driver seemed to have let the slight bump a pass and went on to drive a few feet more until he was stopped by crossing pedestrians.

It was at this juncture that the trike driver made a u-turn and stopped in front of the vehicle he side-swiped a moment ago.

The driver of the other vehicle confronted the trike driver asking him what he was trying to do.

It was then that the trike driver climbed down from his trike angrily.

What happened next caught the vehicle driver by surprise!

Next, the trike driver slapped the windshield of the truck repeatedly.

Not done with his tantrums, the trike driver took down the wiper of the truck and smashed it against the truck’s windshield in anger. Then he drove away.

The video uploader said she felt bad for the young kid passenger of the trike who witnessed the incident at close-range.

By the way, the road rage incident happened in Sto. Tomas Batangas on August 16, 2016.

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