Watch: Lawyer of Alleged Drug Lord (Espinosa) and 15-Year Old Student Killed In Ambush

The report identified the victim as Atty. Rogelio Bato. Aside from Bato, a 15-year-old girl who was with him was also killed.

Rolando and Kerwin are being linked to illegal drug activities in Eastern Visayas.

The elder Espinosa voluntarily surrendered to the Philippine National Police early August after President Rodrigo Duterte gave a “shoot on sight order” against him and his son.


He has denied the accusation that he is a big-time drug lord, but a raid at their ancestral home yielded at least 11 kilograms of shabu and ingredients for bomb-making.

Kerwin, on the other hand, has left the country and is believed to be either in Singapore or Malaysia, although Albuera police are verifying reports that he has been sighted in a hospital in Cebu City.

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