Watch: Suspect na nagmamakaawa at pasuko na, pinagbabaril ng mga pulis Pasay

A pedicab driver was shot to death by police officers before dawn Tuesday during an anti-drugs operation in Pasay City

Senior Inspector Oscar Pagulayan of the Pasay City police said patrolling policemen accosted pedicab driver Eric Sison at around 1:35 a.m. in Barangay 43, Zone 6, but instead of stopping he allegedly sprinted.

The police officers gave chase as Sison ran to his home, then jumped to the roof of a neighbor’s house.

Pagulayan said that Sison shot at the police officers and was killed when the lawmen returned fire.

The video recording suggests that Sison was repeatedly shot by policemen even as he was supposed to surrender.

The police officers can be heard looking for Sison. One policemen said Sison had been wounded and was sure that the pedicab driver would eventually come out from hiding.

Policeman: Walang nang tao dito ha!
Policeman: Dulo. Dulo
Policeman: Bibilangan kita ng tatlo ‘pag hindi ka lumabas diyan puputukan kita.
Policeman: Saan? Saan? Saan?
Policeman: Dulo, ilalim.
Policeman: May tama na yan. Lalabas ‘yan.
Policeman: (Curse) mo ha!
Policeman: ‘Yan may dugo o, may dugo

At the latter part of the video recording, a woman was heard pleading to policemen to stop as gunshots were fired.

A man was then heard yelling that he already wants to surrender, but it was answered by a series of gunshots.

Woman: Kuya, huwag naman!
Policeman: Huwag kayong makialam!
Man: Ito po! Ito po! Susuko na ako!

Policemen entered the house and found the bloodied body of the pedicab driver, who was allegedly armed with a revolver.

Police also claimed that dried marijuana leaves were found in Sison’s shorts.

Police investigators did not say how many gunshot wounds was sustained by the pedicab driver.

Relatives claimed the pedicab driver was not a drug pusher or even a user. They also denied the police’s claim that he owned a gun and he had never been criminally charged.

One of Sison’s neighbors was also wounded after being hit by a stray bullet.

by Victoria Tulad – GMA News

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